Cadbury Caramilk products recalled a week after the cult-favourite chocolate was relaunched

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Cadbury has been forced to issue a recall for it high-demand Caramilk chocolate blocks, which were only recently released in Australian stores.

According to the company, a limited number of Caramilk blocks had been found to contain small pieces of plastic embedded into them due to a manufacturing fault.

Cadbury said consumers are at no serious risk to harm if they have consume the chocolate, but have issued the recall to “prevent the risk of minor injury”.

Cadbury says the recall notice is for Caramilk chocolate with “best before” dates of January 17, 2019 and January 21, 2019 only. Customers with Caramilk chocolate in their possession are advised to give the product into the place of purchase in return for a full refund. No proof of purchase will be required.

FOOD RECALL: Cadbury Caramilk in Australia. For further information, please contact Mondelēz International on 1800 034…

Posted by Cadbury Dairy Milk on Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The limited edition 190g Caramilk chocolate block, a mixture of white chocolate and caramel, has been flying off the shelves in recent days after re-launching last week, with small and large retailers stocking the product and subsequently selling out.

Because it was so difficult to grab a block before it sold out, Australians have taken to the internet to sell the chocolate at disproportionately high prices.

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Newslogger44 .
Newslogger44 .
3 years ago

Such silly madness! Caramilk (the regular milk chocolate type) has been available in Canada for decades and can be found at just about every supermarket checkout, convenience store, and dollar store.