More than 100 Aussie retailers offer up discounts for First Responders Day

Fighting fires. Source: Elisabeth Goh, Hornsby Heights Brigade, taken from NSW Rural Fire Service Facebook page.

Over 100 retailers, covering more than a thousand individual stores, are participating in the Australian Retail Association’s First Responders Day, offering discounts to first responders across the medical, police, defence, and firefighting sectors.

The day is intended to thank first responders for their service to the Australian community through COVID-19, bushfires and beyond. It follows from the inaugural First Responders Day held mid-pandemic last year.

“First Responders Day is a fantastic way to acknowledge our brave and tireless professionals and volunteers who keep our community safe and we are pleased this has become a permanent fixture on Australia’s retail calendar,” says Paul Zahra, the association’s chief executive.

“Retailers are keen to show their support and appreciation for this special community for all the work they do in times of crisis.”

Offers will be available to Australian-based first responders. They include medical and health workers including doctors, nurses and paramedics, as well as ambulance staff, police personnel, firefighters, defence and border force personnel, SES, lifesavers and quarantine workers.

The Australian Retail Association says that first responders can access discounts by showing a photo ID that shows their work identity, or by shopping in their work uniform. 

It is not the only June event celebrating the importance of first responders, as June 9 was ‘Thank a First Responder Day’, organised by Fortem Australia.


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