Victoria Station and Kate Hill collapse into voluntary administration, as 350 staff face uncertain times

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Luggage retailer Victoria Station is the latest local retail chain to call in administrators, appointing SV Partners to the business on Tuesday.

Administrators have been appointed to four companies associated with the operation and assets of the business: Victoria Station Corporation Pty Ltd, Victoria Station Services Pty Ltd, Michael Hartz Pty Ltd and Peter Hartz Pty Ltd.

Administrator Michael Carrafa, executive director at SV Partners in Melbourne, says the group operates 64 stores across the country, 43 of which are branded Victoria Station. The other 21 stores trade under the name Kate Hill, the handbag imprint which Victoria Station also operates.

The company was founded by brothers Paul and Michael Raiter in Melbourne in 1990, and over the following two decades the business expanded into Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and across Queensland. Paul and Michael Raiter remain directors of the companies.

Carrafa says that while no comment can be made at this stage on the scale of the company’s liabilities, administrators will be looking to keep stores open and maintain “business as usual” as expressions of interest are sought for the brands.

“We’ll be seeking expressions of interest and you never know what kinds of expressions of interest will come up,” Carrafa told SmartCompany.

“There were also some parties [the company] were in discussions with prior to our appointment.”

Carrafa says the factors that led to his appointment as administrator are not dissimilar to those faced by other operators in Australia’s challenging retail environment in recent times.

“Based on my discussions with the board, it has been tightening margins and all the standard type things… things like retail rents,” he says.

As administrators continue to gather information on the business ahead of a possible sale, hundreds of staff across Victoria Station and Kate Hill brands are facing uncertain times.

“Across the nation, including all stores and office and warehouse staff, the number of staff that has been given to me is about 350,” Carrafa says.

Administrators expect to publish callouts for expressions of interest in the business in the coming days.

The administration comes just a week after news that the local operations of Canadian retailer Kit and Ace will close as part of a global restructure. The Kit and Ace business employs 65 employees across the country, most of whom are casuals.

Retail experts have told SmartCompany there is more pain to come for home-grown brands, with the spectre of Amazon just one of many pressures on traditional retailers at home.

RetailOasis strategist Pippa Kulmar says many brands are just now getting the “kick” they should have years ago to make themselves relevant in the face of low-cost international and online competitors.

“There’s a falling out that is long overdue… there are businesses that should have changed,” Kulmar says.

“I think a lot of businesses need a long overdue change and there’s an interesting theory, that whenever a sector hits 20% online, the offline stores start to struggle.”

Meanwhile, small businesses in particular should be aware many businesses are struggling to pay creditors across the country, with the average dollar value of payment defaults reported to credit reporting agency CreditorWatch continuing to climb in the first quarter of 2017.

CreditorWatch managing director Colin Porter says the risks a company will default on paying money owed can take a big toll on SMEs because smaller and “less critical” suppliers tend to be the first to miss out on getting paid.

“Struggling businesses are more likely to default on less critical suppliers and SMEs six months prior to them defaulting on a corporate or large business who is more equipped with the resources to take legal action against them,” Porter said in a statement.

SmartCompany contacted Victoria Station for comment and was directed to administrator SV Partners.

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4 years ago

The sole blame lies with the landlord’s.Total greed as the only people that win are the banks and the shopping centres, absolutely wrong on all levels that this is let happen.

4 years ago

Wow Landlord, you just charge large sum for nothing from these businesses that why they are all going broke. Retail is tough. Land lord doesn’t bring enough customers to centre I mean not window shoppers. Easy money for land lord by ripping off small business owners just like a Mafia group, No help when the time is tough but we will still charge you for our coffees by the name of Operational Cost on top of the rent.
Soon the shopping centre will only have black boards instead of open doors.

4 years ago

Whole situation could of been handled better. One week ago regional manager sent out and email saying no we aren’t closing, just moving stock, Tuesday informed we are in voluntary administration, and by Thursday 22 stores informed that after EOD they will not continue trading. More stores to close by EOD Sunday.

Is it easier to have a whole company fail then to close struggling stores before they reach this point…?

4 years ago
Reply to  Georgia

It was even worse when the owners visited and promised them no stores were closing and laughed at the idea of people applying for new jobs and that their positions were safe. I agree, closing small underperforming stores before it got to this point.

4 years ago

and as a customer I was told to return my cases that were brand new but faulty to the store but the stores were closed! I went 3 times and until doing this search I didn’t know they had closed down
after phone attempts and 4 emails and 3 visits to the location of the store
I am stuck woth a faulty case I was told I could get a refund on. or exchange at worst. now does anyone know where customers can go?

5 months ago
Reply to  tracey

did you ever find someone/somewhere to get in contact with?