ACCC and Coke

Yet another example of the ACCC covering up their incompetence and mismanagement by being seen to be doing something when in fact by their lack of action on the real issues related to breaches of the TPA they are directly responsible for the destruction of many SMEs and as a consequence a huge unnecessary costs to the Australian economy.


The Rudd Government says we should have confidence in the Australian economy because of the quality of our regulators, well Mr Rudd I and many other SMEs will choose to disagree with you and say that the Australian economy is not in as good a shape as you would have us believe because our two key regulators ACCC and ASIC have and continue to fail to do their job properly.


The softly softly so called educational approach has failed dismally, now its time to get tough, stop wasting money on cases that while they might make the ACCC look good have no real deterrent value, and start prosecuting for the Unconscionable Conduct and other significant breaches of the TPA that are damaging our economy as only successful prosecutions for those breaches will deliver the deterrent value that is needed.


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