Are we getting too cynical?

You’re right; skepticism is great because it means you don’t get taken for a ride.

Cynicism, however implies you have given up and nothing can persuade you otherwise, no matter how good something might be in reality. You find problems with solutions and seldom seek solutions to problems. You immerse yourself in a dark world of negativity, which is very difficult to emerge from.

Anyone watch Two And A Half Men? The character Alan is the perfect example of a cynic. Disagree? Why is it that he hasn’t rebuilt his own life? Deep down he has given up on himself.

I have rarely ever been cynical, only skeptical. Perhaps this is why I am such an opportunist and entrepreneur. If people say something can’t be done, I check it out for myself and come to my own conclusion.

Be skeptical! Have doubts, check it out for yourself and don’t decide until you know the facts from multiple sources. Do this and your life will be amazing because when opportunity knocks you’ll at least open the door.


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