ATO’s helping hand

I’m with Amanda – I think the ATO is doing a fantastic job.

Perhaps it’s because we’re in Canberra that we don’t see them as ogres, but every dealing I’ve had with the ATO has been positive.

I think the change was started by Michael Carmody in the 1990s. Since then it has become a very client focussed organisation.

So if you have any issue regarding your tax – ring them. If my experience is anything to go by you will be amazed how helpful they will be. No, they aren’t going to let you off with your tax bill, but they will bend over backwards to keep you in business. And no, they won’t be your bank either, but they will do all they can to accommodate reasonable requests.

Give them a try. When you consider they’re a monopoly, and you have to deal with them no matter what, it’s quite amazing.

Congrats ATO.



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