Aunty’s advice

Aunty, I knew you’d come through. I certainly took what you have written on board.

I didn’t mean to stereotype Aussies, being one, but after following a forever trail of cold leads and having people say they are interested and will call you etc. You pay them and you expect a little update once in a while.

A majority of my furniture and equipment are being made and are world firsts, maybe that’s why people are struggling, but a call or email and to be honest rather then lie and say, “Yeah it will be ready next week”, sure gets to a point of no longer being novel.

You really have to look at thinking outside the square on not just the product, but how to get the product made in the first place.

My friend put it all into words that made sense: “Nobody will be as passionate about this but you, that’s why you will succeed.”

You know things already improved once I let a load off to you. I got back up, dusted myself off, and have looked at things in a different view.

I am entering the hospitality industry and will invite you to Brisbane for opening night, depending on my current suppliers, this could be sooner or later. :/

I’ll keep you posted though. 🙂


Uncle P was for P.O

now it Uncle C for Contented.


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