Back to the Stone Age

That’s the point. No one wants quotas. But surely we are not going to sit around for another 20 years with no improvement in these figures while the rest of the world changes around us.

Of course women are responsible for change as well as men. And I give many talks to groups of women on how to get to the top.

I have made the point in stories on SmartCompany that many women are held back by their own attitudes and lack of skills.

In fact, one of the things that holds women back is their lack of focus on vision and strategy as they instead concentrate on doing a “good job”. And Ben, I will include your networking story when I talk to women about change.

But the attitudes of men in some industries when you do get to the top is often Stone Age. I see it in my own industry and hear about it from other senior women.

So maybe it is time to get out the sledge hammer.


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