Brand Australia

I agree with Lynton. A brand is needed that is bigger than just tourism or any other industry or segment.

And yes, I agree with you Michel that the brand needs to reflect our unique culture, values and foundations.

The challenge is to find the marketable expression to highlight that to the world in all the industries and segments. That’s where a competition would have been great! I’m not sure what the tender will seek, but I’m sure the marketers don’t have all the answers.

Once a great expression is found, then as each segment uses it to emphasise their particular aspects, it further strengthens the brand.

Coordinated or cooperative marketing is critical; social media as well as traditional media are key aspects to success. And so is a clever, punchy, viral catch-all phrase that can be used by all.

Some commentators have declared that a ubiquitous expression is impossible to find and market. Not so. I have been involved in the development of such an expression that meets all the “impossible” criteria. The positioning paper is all but completed. The testing has been incredibly positive. The campaign concept is coming together nicely.

All that’s needed now is the tender and maybe a JV partner!


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