Cashflow help

Well said Amanda about no cashflow help. Does the Rudd Government not know that what this economy needs right now is not only job creation but also job retention? 


Do they not know that the most efficient way to create jobs fast is to, among other things, inject funds with laser precision into the startup of commercially viable business ventures and the commercialization of commercially viable inventions?


Do they not know that the most efficient way to retain jobs right now is to, among other things, ease the tax squeeze on current businesses and provide low-rate loans to assist with cash flow?


Real investments such as these would cost a fraction of what it has taken to ‘stimulate’ the economy by letting rip on Howard’s hard-fought surplus, and would have a much greater and far more real stimulating effect.


In these uncertain times, made more uncertain by a Government suddenly in debt, businesses are sure of one thing: now is not the time to take a chance.


With budget deficits expected until 2015-2016, will the Rudd-method work? We’ll see…


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