CRM’s value


A comprehensive overview of the values of a CRM.  Our business uses Batchbooks, a web based SaaS, that has an API to our billing system and to our email marketing system.


Batchbooks is highly customisable and very easy to work with, which is attractive to businesses that dont have the conventional pipeline structures that Salesforce and SugarCRM have.


We find it invaluable in understanding our customers, why they converted and why they didn’t, the value of each customer and where they are in the sales pipeline.


If you have a large customer database with multiple users, a CRM is a must, otherwise leads and subsequent opportunities are lost.


The correlation to the recession is that because of the CRM system we are able to highly target our market offers, focus in on particular customers that are more interested than others.  This means that we can filter the leads that are wasting both of our time, and focus on the others.  This in fact shortens the sales cycle and significantly increases the productivity of our sales team. 



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