Does a serial entrepreneur need a board?

Well done, an excellent achievement!

Need a board…? Do you need a 42 y/o tawny port, hand made suits, collector ‘time pieces’ or a waterfront getaway… Not essential, but they are very nice things to have. So, what would the board do that you couldn’t or what might they ‘bring to the table’ so to speak…?

I’m involved with a new online venture (very early stages) and there is no need for a board in the e-space (not until you have achieved substantial growth or want to list publicly). I have brought partners into the venture but they are specialists and we each have in-depth expertise (and visions of prosperity) that we bring together and out collaborative efforts as ‘one entity’ allows us to move forward very quickly and efficiently without the hassles of the board members that don’t say ‘I’.

By the time you have put a board together the online world will have moved on – work on your own and get things done. Leave the lengthy board meeting to someone else.


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