Family values

Sadly I think this system of commerce is flawed, not to mention how today’s fiat money system is unlawful as not backed by anything of real value. So it’s not really a fair exchange for our labour, which is the real value.

All the common hard workers are the real foundation of an economy (the assets) and they are the ones that suffer the most when it comes to an apparent media driven downturn.

We all want to have the basic necessities of life and it’s sad that we have to work for them, to live. For some it’s easier for some it’s harder. I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom, there are some good people out there. But in business there is always that bottom line.

The banks make what is coming in more than what’s going out.

There is no transparency due to the private nature of these institutions.

So it’s obvious a lot of employers are going to sugar coat a harsh reality that tends to bite when times are tough.

Through a system driven on scarcity, planned obsolescence and inefficiency they can’t afford to do it any other way.

Emotional intellignence, yeah I like to think that my thoughts and actions can be driven by hopefully nothing other than good fundamentally decent values that respect myself as I would all others, than to be driven by fear which continues to sustain an ever perpetuating web of greed and corruption in an apparent dog eats dog world.

If everybody was honest with one another there would be no need for business. After all knowledge is power.


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