Ghastly generalisations

What’s the real issue here?  Gen-Y people too soft?  Gen-X people too tough?  What ghastly generalisations people!  I’m an early Gen-Z or so I think…but who really gives a rats, honestly?  It’s like bloomin’ star signs.  Astrology people!  Yes, I do think we should all be able to recognise when someone is just having a bad day and not take it personally.  Ever heard of the straw that broke the camel’s back?   But no, I do not think someone who can’t recognise thus should ‘toughen up’.  They’ll ‘toughen up’ in their own damn time.   Amanda, no one likes to be yelled at no matter how ‘tough’ they are, even you!  Given that, I hope you realise just how silly your little whine about Gen-Y really is.


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