Government launches $20 million tender to develop “Australia” brand

This is an awesome initiative!

There are so many possibilities and opportunities for businesses in Australia however this is not being realised. I am so passionate about B2B trading in Australia and having investors in Australia.

I’ve set up a business called AussieROO which is all around Promoting Australian Trade and business matchmaking Australian businesses with other businesses nationally and around the world. I have found that SMEs in Australia are really excited about the idea however the challenge I have found is being able to empower them to be proactive and participate in the game.

I have also found it difficult to get buy-in from the Government and also who to contact. It’s really refreshing to read this article and know now that the current trend is shifting and that we are about to enter a new paradigm of business in Australia.

So what initiatives are taking place and how are they being measured? How do SMEs get on board and how do international investors know about these initiatives?


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