How do I manage boundaries at work?

How about instances where people around you create boundaries specific to you based on your personality, performance, etc?

Personal boundaries are difficult as they can be misconstrued as being unfriendly or not a team player. As a new employee they can be very difficult to manage when trying to build workplace rapport.

Role specificity is great and a must have in large orginisations, but in the SME arena most people end up doing odds and ends tasks anyway and its expected that you pick up the slack.

Ethical boundaries internal/external to the org are crossed a little too often in the SME arena maybe because the spotlight will never shine on them. It seems to be okay to cross the line on minor points – ‘oh, they wont know’.

The level of workplace communication requested in this article would change the entire workplace landscape to a much better one. However, the question of how you would enforce or implement any of this will continue to baffle most!


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