Internet filter banned list

This whole thing is a joke. I read a great post yesterday about the entire question of online free speech being closed. The blogger wrote: “When it is done, seemingly, completely at random with little explanation, other than that one page has some offending material on it, then we need to stop and look around and ask the question ‘is this appropriate?’


Some may argue that the Government’s reasoning is valid in this instance, I think the vast majority of the the population is anti-child pornography me included naturally, but what I’m asking is what’s the next site to be banned, and for what reason? What is the justification? What if, for example, it was a forum site that had one page out of 10, or out of 1,000,000, that had a strongly worded but ultimately empty anti-government remark about it? Would that get banned?


Ultimately the real confusion comes from not knowing what the tangibles are: Who makes the decision if websites gets banned, for how long and on what grounds?” You can read the rest of it at


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