More online tips

Here’s a few more online marketing tips. Do a monthly analysis of all your Google keywords and cut the ones that aren’t converting well for you, especially if you have people sign up for free trial, free initial consultations or buying things.

You can then use that money for a few purposes:

1. Rank the ones that do convert well higher 2. Test other keywords 3. Save the money for other areas of your business

Be realistic about your SEO objectives. A lot of agencies say if you do X, then you’ll get Y, and if you get X & Y then you’ll get Z. Forget it. Too many steps and far too many ‘if’s’.

If you’re not getting Z in the first or second click (and those clicks must be easy and quick) then don’t do it.

Don’t jump into ‘viral video’ because an agency thinks it’s a good idea.  Really think about what a ‘viral video’ is. Remember that no agency, anywhere, ever, can make something go viral – that’s up to the users. All an agency can do is provide good creative, but there are no gaurantees.

Spend time on analytics and see what your consistently best performing content is and then think about how you may be able to either produce more of it, or package and sell it.

There are hundreds more ideas out there, this is just one or two quick ones.


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