Our computers are aging. How do I convince the boss to replace them?

Hi NickL,

There are many other solutions, unfortunately, given that we can make Windows completely stable, it just is not worth the pain of re-training entire organisations to use the alternate technologies. For an individual it makes sense if they have the inclination. For large organisations with a specialist application it makes sense.

In a business with under 150 staff it would be crippling due to the training required of each employee.

Go back to my articles on bleeding edge and you will see this is my view. I accept there are other ways to do it; I just have not seen the value proposition in them when you look at the costs beyond the technology. I do not work with micro businesses either where these solutions may work well.

I am not actually fussed by brand. I am all about the big picture of TCO and functionality to support the people in the business to run a good business in whatever they do. Some of my clients are software developers who have grown to be large enough to outsource their IT support. They have the skills to run any solution they choose, in each case they have followed my advice to get a good ROI.


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