Please, give me a break!

Bob Wilie, partner at Nelson Bay Electronics spends two to three hours a day answering telemarketing? Please, give me a break! We’ve been in the Yellow Pages for 16 years and get no more than one to three in a week; fax traffic is also pretty low, maybe one a day at the most.

Using your resources? How much do we spend on our big plasma TV just to have it clogged up with ads? Oh, what a crime – let’s ban TV ads because it’s using up your electricity and the precious pixels.

Face it, if you only want to get advertising to your business by direct mail then that’s OK, ban everything else. But watch the cost of all of your goods and services go through the roof as your suppliers have to pay 10 times the cost and more to get new customers and sales.

It’s not the vendor who pays for advertising, it’s the consumer. The DNC/DNF register has been a disaster in the UK, the number of businesses on the list in some sectors is 80%. Why do we continue to follow all of the bad ideas from other countries?!

Yes, direct marketing is a pain sometimes, but that’s what makes business work. And if you want a ‘green’ argument what’s the carbon footprint of a letter as opposed to a phone call or a fax? About 98% difference from what I can find on the web. So if you’re spending three hours a day with telemarketers, maybe you should just say you’re not interested and put down the phone.


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