Rudd’s rant

So for one meal of one day, a man wearing what I’m going to assume is leather shoes, a leather belt and has a leather wallet, and is a new found vegetarian couldn’t put on the ol’ meat-eating hat again and consume a bit of beef because he didn’t get his preference of fish – fish is still an animal right? And because he didn’t get to eat exactly what he wants he screams and rants at an air hostess.


Gee wizz I feel so bad for Rudd. Let’s have a pity party.


If he really does have so much more to be concerned with why would he let something like this get to him?


Your dismissive and condecending inferrence that she’s weak because she cried and because she’s Gen-Y doesn’t help you make your point.


The weak one here is a bloke who loses his rag because he was served sirloin instead of salmon. Surely, if he and his generation is so tough he’d have just got over it, and got back to running the country, hmm?


And if you think Gen-Y is weak, think again. Gen-Y is plenty tough, just ask the founders of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace, Reddit, Digg, Twitter, YouTube and countless other businesses around the planet. Think it’s easy running those businesses?


Perhaps it’s got nothing to do with a generational gap and it’s got everything to do with manners and decorum. It’s easy to preach, hard to practice.


As you yourself wrote on March 20, 2009 “Kevin Rudd had better watch his tongue.”


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