Share anger too


Shared anger?; well to quote Brett: “I own a succesful software business and have no hesitation in saying that we will simply move our business offshore if the Government continues down the path of making it more and more difficult to own and run a small business.”


In other words: Me too. It’s as simple as that.


Let’s see what the guvmint has done so far:


Terminated Commercial-Ready and gave a heap of money to an industry that shouldn’t be in existence in Australia and won’t be in 20 years (the car industry). (We cancelled a $2 million project on the strength of that. Cancelled, not postponed. We could do that one offshore.)


Given us a huge incentive to stay smaller than 15 employees courtesy of the re-introduction of positive discrimination towards employees. (I thought all discrimination was bad?)


Eliminated the option of attracting highly driven staff by offering them a chunk of the company if they do Really Well.


There is one thing that they have promised which is good – good broadband for everyone. I think someone in their ranks has read The World Is Flat. Now we wait to see if it will actually happen in our lifetime.


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