SmartCompany webinars

Kirsten Roberts writes on last Friday’s webinar: I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed Friday’s webinar.  I co-own and run a growing healthy fast food franchise called Spudbar – we have 10 outlets and are about to open two stores inside the MCG.  With two young kids, needless to say I had the webinar on whilst I was making dinner for that night so understand the juggle so well that was discussed on the day.


I just wanted to pass on the feedback that it would be great if SmartCompany organised a face to face networking event targeting similar women.   I personally would draw a lot out of meeting woman who face the same challenges I face either in the past or currently.  It would be an ideal forum to share experiences and learnings and given the access that you have to entrepreneurial woman through your readership I believe it would be an ideal forum.


Keep up the great work at SmartCompany.  Although I don’t get to read the whole newsletter every day, I really enjoy diving into those topics that catch my eye.




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