Social media connection

While it’s nice to connect these social media avenues your audience for all groups is not always the same. Is your Twitter following the same as your Facebook and is the tone the same? What makes sense on Twitter does not necessarily on Facebook. For example,the @ symbols mid-tweet etc just look strange.


While at the SXSW conference in the US recently, I was Twittering away my musings (as were 1000s of other delegates) and managed to tick off a few Facebook friends who (especially with the new look of Facebook) were receiving streams of my updates (being pushed through from my Twitter posts). I ended up turning that function off for the duration of the conference cause it didn’t make good sense.


So, it’s not a one-size-fits all solution. While it’s great that it’s easier for you to use the plug ins – we still need to be considerate of the audience.


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