Venting online

Our franchise system was heavily bashed online by two ex-franchisees that used online to vent.  The reasons why they do it that way is that it can be done while at home having a few drinks and anonymous.  My approach on it is that it is a coward’s way. 


Also so many of them would assume multiple hats and multiple names and blog against themself to make it look that there was a larger audience of bloggers when there was not.


After being upset about it for a while and venting back, the company started to give honest answers, straight to the point and leaving no degree of hesitation to the public reader of our position.


In turn it makes you as a person lot more vigilant when you read other blogs about other businesses and companies that should not take everything written on that blog as gospel.


So to all the cowards out there who would rather blog negatives then stand face to face, we wish you all the best.


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