Virgin is playing a lively role within the social media arena

Great read Sam. How often it seems that the word ‘trust’ features in positive review pieces like this. Building a ‘trust brand’ clearly benefits from mega social media injections like this Virgin example. But they’d made a lot of deposits in the ‘trust’ account prior to this: much to the envy of competitors and the admiration of other corporations. And, overall, they’d have to be one of the leaders globally in terms of corporate reputation anyway – I presume.

Virgin, does as you conclude, “..highlight a big brand utilising social media extremely well”.

But what of other corporations? Virgin really has set a high benchmark. Not all corporations have Richard Bransons in the C-suite to ‘inspire and help make the leap’. Many really don’t know where to start and remain, as was underlined by the closing panel at last week’s Marketing Now conference in Melbourne, afraid to “lose control of the messages”. Not surprising really after decades of thinking and structuring corporate reputation as a single, one-way channel. And that sort of a bungee leap really does take trust. Like Walter: we too will track this with interest.


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