Webinar Sponsorship

SmartCompany Webinars provide a live opportunity for business decision-makers to learn and interact with industry leaders and experts without leaving their desks.

SmartCompany Webinars can be used to capture qualified leads, improve branding, build traffic, direct sales and train clients and staff. They can also help your corporate communications and investor and public relations.

Launched in late 2007, SmartCompany Webinars have proved a huge success with audiences and sponsors.

Tailor your own sponsored SmartCompany Webinar

30-60 minute webinar with a SmartCompany host and industry expert (including interactive Q&A session).

Generate high quality leads via a customisable registration page. Receive leads within 24 hours of the webinar concluding.

Collect additional information from your participants via survey and polling.

Targeted marketing campaign to drive the right audience to your webinar.

Extensive branding throughout SmartCompany.com.au, through the promotion, registration and delivery of the webinar, including logo placement in advertisements and promotion.
Continue to capture leads for up to 12 months after the webinar with an archived recording.

Act now

Spaces are limited for the 2009 SmartCompany Webinar series, so talk to us now.

For information and pricing please contact:
Campbell Corser
Business Development Manager / Webinars
Ph: (03) 8623 9904
[email protected]



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