Why Advertise Online?

Online advertising can benefit your business in many ways – discover how here.


Cost effective: Online advertising is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods available for creating, delivering and executing campaigns

Target: Reach a specific reader based on geography, areas of interest and context of the content.

Search: Product and search research is the second biggest online activity behind email with 89% of SMEs using the internet to look for information on products and services*

Reach: There are now more Australians online than watching TV.

Measure: Online advertisement is transparent. Reporting and analysis gives comprehensive evidence of return on investment on all promotional activities.

Act now: Direct response and lead-generation campaigns have proven especially effective online. Consumers can immediately click on a link to access more information, make a direct purchase or register for newsletters or services.

*Sensis Small business report 2008.

What you can do on SmartCompany.com.au:

  • Targeted online advertising campaigns to a specific state.
  • Targeted advertising to specific areas of interest.
  • Opt in email marketing
  • Receive regular ROI reporting and analysis on all promotional activities

Other marketing options on SmartCompany.com.au:

Create your own package using a mix of online advertising, email advertising, webinars and seminars.



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