Why should I outsource stuff when I can have a full-time resource at my beck and call?

Certifications are great bits of paper. But what happens when the company you engage with to provide IT services has technical resources with no life skills? Experience is a key factor to a good relationship between provider and client.

No businesses want to experience the “learn on the job” or the “is that a new version??” Certifications are great, but if the tech has certifications that are outdated by the latest and greatest technology, and they haven’t been long in ‘the wild’, they cannot adapt. Learning happens with a guinea pig – you.

Other businesses that have plenty of experience and some certs, but have been in their particular area of expertise for years, can adapt. And they won’t learn on the job, they will take the techs out of the environment to educate them properly.

How do you give a new outfit a chance? Only by ascertaining that they can walk the walk, not just talk the talk.


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