Why women are paid less

Over the years, I have met many women who have been extremely successful in the IT industry. Several of them I have learned a lot from, and others were an inspiration to me from a perspective that, if you want something strongly enough, you can achieve your life goals.

Showing women’s places on the rich list isn’t necessarily showing the true abilities of the pioneers in the IT industry, and the reason they aren’t in the top jobs. Women, like men, get bored with their lives and make radical changes. For example, there are women I have dealt with over the years who have started to slow down a bit and enjoy their lives, they are smart, well off and have achieved many, many personal goals, now they are seeking new challenges in new environments.

One example of a high achiever who is focussing on other areas is Diana Ryall. Di is the Founder and Managing Director of Xplore for Success and on the management Committee of Suited for Work. Major focus is the success of women in gaining confidence and supporting women achieve their life and career goals. She was the Managing director of Apple Computer Australia.

In all my dealings with Di, both in her role at Apple, and now, as I assist some of my contacts with growth in the area of women’s roles in IT, she has always been an approachable person with a passionate drive for success.

She isn’t in the rich list, but that is one thing that has to be remembered – the baby boomers are now exiting the workforce, and taking the women and men who achieved in the early years. Some have retired, whilst others have reinvented themselves, and their life priorities.


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