Mafematica is a SaaS fintech focused on the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) retail investor (7,000,000 people [Deloitte]) and SMSF sectors (1,100,000 people [ATO]).
Mafematica helps people make good investment decsions. It offers share packages and investment portfolios, easily visible and available without talking to a broker or financial planner. Uniquely,Mafematica can optionally link the investment portfolios to a stochasticalgorithm that forecasts the outcomes for education funding, savings or retirement plans. (The algorithm takes into account stock market ups and downs). In an interest rate environment of record lows, people need confidence and guidance to invest better for higher savings and retirement cash flow results on an easily accessible and low cost website.




60% of 7m Australians hold investments outside their institutional superannuation: only 10% of Australians including SMSFs have an investment advisor.
In a survey by Investment Trends (11 July 2019), 315,000 SMSFs were identified as having unmet advice needs.
Mafematica’s direct interfaces with existing accounting &execution providers create time savings and reporting efficiencies for users,with consequent significant cost savings.
Mafematica has strong international potential. We are not aware of anyone doing this and consequently have international interest particularly from the UK and Canada.
This is a pre IPO round: it opened mid-June and closes late July 2019 for $3m and will be followed by a targetted $5m IPO in Q2, 2020.


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