29 Anthony Lam

Punchy Digital Media

Anthony Lam began his career living in Melbourne on youth allowance, studying a double degree in law and commerce.

“I started with nothing,” Lam says.

Now, that nothing is Punchy Digital Media – an online video production company specialising in animated explanation videos for companies.

The company is set to bring in about $400,000 in revenue this year and has produced videos for more than 100 businesses.

Punchy Digital Media produces videos for Australian and US clients and Lam says the business is close to securing a major partnership to expand from internet to TV.

“We’re hoping to be doing a lot more animated TV ads in Australia and the US, and a lot more content marketing for our clients,” Lam says.

As of April last year, Lam had four people working for the company.

This year, he’s expanded to ten, with people in Melbourne, Sydney and the US. Lam is all about speed, stating he’d tell his younger self to work faster when starting the company.

“Move a lot faster, focus on sales and move as fast as you can,” he says.