17 Chris Thomson and Amy Sargeantson

Noosa Chocolate Factory
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Chris Thomson and Amy Sargeantson established Noosa Chocolate Factory back in 2012 and the business is already turning over more than $3 million.

The former Smart50 finalist, which sells a range of treats locally produced chocolate treats, has one factory and four retail outlets across Queensland.

This year is a big one for Noosa Chocolate Factory, with a new factory 22-times larger than the company’s current production facility set to be completed in July.

The business also has its eyes set on consolidating its position in the Sunshine Coast market, with the potential to open more stores.

Thomson told SmartCompany the key to Noosa Chocolate Factory’s growth has been not overthinking things when first starting out.

Thomson advises all entrepreneurs to quit procrastinating and start rolling up their sleeves.

“Something finished is better than something perfect,” Thomson says.

“Try to get going straight away.”