5 Kris Cochrane

Rapid PT

Kris Cochrane firmly believes “it’s not all about the hustle”, though this might be confusing coming from a man who began his own nation-wide personal training company.

“You can work your arse off, but go in the wrong direction,” Cochrane says.

“You have to aim in the right direction. Education yourself, plan, and then execute.”

Starting out sleeping in the storeroom of a gym in Sydney, Cochrane’s ‘rags to riches’ story is inspiring.

Rapid PT began in 2012 after Cochrane realised that after working to his limits, one trainer could only achieve so much.

He decided to expand and rapidly increased his client base to 150 customers in a year.

These days, Rapid PT claims to be the largest non-franchise personal training company in Australia, operating across 10 different locations.

This year, Cochrane hopes to enter the education space, creating an arm of his company that provides training for fitness professionals.