8 Matthew Callender

Hunter Mason

Hunter Mason founder Matthew Callender took out the number one spot in last year’s Smart50 Awards thanks to his company’s impressive year-on-year growth of 1740%.

The construction management firm turned over around $11 million in the 2014-15 financial year, and things are looking good for 2016 – although Callender says he suspects the numbers are going to flatten out as he’s happy where the business is now.

As for how he’s managed to grow the business so quickly in the past, Callender doesn’t mince his words.

“Develop good relationships not just to make money,” the 30-year-old business owner says.

“With a lot of our clients, it’s not just a business relationship – we get along like friends. It’s therefore easier to do repeat business. Build real, authentic relationships with people.”

It might not be sexy, but hard work is also the key to success, according Callender.

“Keep banging your head against the wall, and eventually you’ll get through the wall,” he says.