28 Peter Moriarty

itGenius Australia

With the ultimate aim of empowering small businesses, Peter Moriarty is working to make itGenius the go-to place for small businesses to get on Google.

Though itGenius is eight years old, Moriarty spent the past three years really honing down its focus to a specific market of small business customers.

The aim is to become the specialists in migrating customers with cloud to Google.

“It’s super niche,” he says.

“We said no to a lot of customers that weren’t perfect for us to work with.”

Operating out of Sydney and Philippines, itGenius is now a seven-figure company that saw 60% growth in the last financial year.

“We’ve been told by Google we’re in the top five of their small business partners of Asia Pacific,” says Moriarty.

He even acquired Locomote co-founder David Fastuca’s digital agency to create a new hosting platform HostGenius.

But Moriarty says his proudest achievement is the 130 businesses they’ve empowered in the last 12 months.

“Our business is all about giving business owners freedom and flexibility,” he says.