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$18.11 million




Daniel Werzberger, 28, and Saul Werzberger

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Are You Selling aims to make the prospect of selling a second-hand car significantly easier.

The business was founded just three years ago but now turns over more than $18 million.

Are You Selling buys hundreds of cars from members of the public and private companies every month, offering customers same-day settlement and complimentary vehicle transfers.

Co-founder Daniel Werzberger swore he’d never get into the car sales industry, but after university he teamed up with his father in order to launch the business.

It’s lucky he did, because Are You Selling is going gangbusters.

“Timing is everything,” Werzberger told SmartCompany.

“No matter what business you’re in – new or established – timing is absolutely key for success. We’d go as far as saying that it’s probably the most underestimated factor in all businesses.”

“Yes it’s OK to be proud of your idea, passionate to get it off the ground and secure in your financial backing, but if the market isn’t ready for your offering, success can be a hard thing to come by.”

Asked what keeps him up at night, Wezberger says it is figuring out how to grow quickly without the wheels coming off.

“Our biggest mistake was thinking we could hire, delegate and let go,” he says.

“You can’t. We worked so hard building up the company, hired staff and then thought we could take a back seat. It doesn’t work like that and we went backwards until we realised we’d made a mistake.”