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The founders of Bronze Snake know exactly how hard it can be trying to get a business off the ground.

“The first five years were so challenging,” they say.

“Not seeing any profit for hours and hours of work is so deflating. Luckily for us our persistence and stubbornness paid off. We stuck through the hard times. And in doing so I think it teaches you so much. It also is your motivation because you never want to be in that position again.”

The founders say the first few years of not being paid a proper wage taught them to work hard even when the money is coming in.

This work ethic has clearly paid off, with fashion retailer Bronze Snake appearing in the Smart50 for two years running.

When asked how Bronze Snake became so successful, the founders say the market was simply missing a great product at a great price.

“We were a little bit bored of what we were doing and straight out of high school decided it was the path we should take,” he says.

“Currently we still do the same thing. Offer a great item at a great price, throw in some free shipping and awesome customer service and hopefully the customer comes back. Most of the time they do.”

As for what the future holds for Bronze Snake, there are hopes to launch in Brisbane by the end of this year and in Perth and New Zealand by 2016.

“After 2016, who knows?”

* This article was modified on 24/4/19 at the request of the founders.