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James Kitchener, 33, and Andrew Crawley

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New South Wales

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The advent of digital platforms has transformed marketing over the past decade and the pace of change is unlikely to slow.

With social media and mobile coming to the fore in the past few years, Jack Media co-founder James Kitchener says digital marketers have to stay on top of it all.

“Today’s digital marketers wear many different hats and are required to be an expert in everything from SEM, SEO, programmatic, email, apps, etc,” Kitchener says.

“Jack Media is a one-stop shop to attract and grow online customers. We do all the heavy lifting so the stretched marketing managers and business owners can focus on turning leads into customers,” he says.

The company specialises in connecting lead buyers to lead sellers with the use of an all-in-one platform that generates more than 180,000 leads a month for its clients. He says the biggest shift in the industry has been the uptake on mobile.

“Everything is turning mobile. Our business has naturally changed to a mobile advertising business over the last few years,” he says.

Kitchener says good staff, a strong product and smart automation has helped the business grow and reach its goals. But an old-fashioned marketing strategy has so far enabled the company to keep acquiring new clients.

“The most successful marketing effort for our business is word of mouth. Digital is still a small industry in Australia and word of mouth is by far our most successful marketing efforts,” he says.

Kitchener says keeping current clients satisfied and capitalising on new opportunities is keeping him and his team very busy.

“We have clients beating down our doors to work with us and currently not spending all the allocated budget to our channel,” he says.

With mobile uptake continuing to grow and companies looking for new ways to tap into that space, Jack Media plans on staying agile and responsive to market trends.