12 Universal Communications Group


$47.41 million




Rafael Luna, 58, Roger McArthur, 54 and Dale Anderson, 59

Head office


Year founded








Hiring the right people is the reason why Universal Communications Group has come in at number 12 on this year’s Smart50.

This is the second year the broadband company has made the Smart50, after coming in at number 16 in 2014.

The business is currently turning over more than $47 million, which is an impressive jump from its more than $20 million revenue the previous year.

Rafael Luna started the business seven years ago and says Universal Communications Group would not be what it is today without employees who work well together and understand his vision.

“Recruiting and attracting people that fit in with our strategies and culture has been of utmost importance to our success,” Luna says.

“We have addressed this by ensuring that all recruitment levels we address first and foremost the cultural fit of the candidate with technical qualifications being of secondary consideration. This has assured that the team has maintained a can-do attitude and commitment to the change that has facilitated our growth.”

As for what it takes to manage more than 200 employees, Luna says it’s all about knowing your business inside-out.

“Anyone contemplating starting a business must be involved and understand all the aspects, the drivers and the weaknesses of the business you are in,” he says.

“Only by having this in-depth knowledge can you pull the right levers at the right time, understand the pitfalls that will inevitably occur and drive the improvement in the team required that can only come from really knowing your business and industry. Do not be afraid of change.”