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Eytan Lenko, 38, Daniel Gorog, 38, Gideon Kowadlo, 38

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Chances are your mobile phone has an app on it designed by Outware Mobile.

The business founded by Eytan Lenko, Daniel Gorog and Gideon Kowadlo less than five years ago has created a big impact in a short space of time, creating apps for ANZ, Telstra, Sportsbet and nib.

The biggest challenge has been growing Outware quickly enough to meet the demand for its services while maintaining quality and a great culture.

“Outware has constantly innovated to stay lean and efficient while the scale of our engagement has grown,” Lenko says.

“We have learnt to take the opportunity to change and improve after any mistakes and to always come away from a project with a better process for the company as a whole.”

Outware was placed third in last year’s Smart50 list and has dropped down slightly this year but the business continues to register impressive growth.

Lenko predicts next year will be “pivotal” for the mobile and app industry.

“iOS and Android show no signs of slowing down their pace of innovation and there is a new generation of wearable devices coming out that will present our clients with new opportunities to disrupt their industries,” he says.

Lenko describes Outware as “on the forefront” of what he describes as “the wearables revolution” and the business recently released one of the world’s first smartwatch apps for a major sport with the AFL.

In a fast-changing industry, Outware continues to disrupt and innovate by running quarterly hackathons to generate new ideas.

New ideas to drive the business can come from any place, which was recently demonstrated when a member of Outware’s development team came up with the concept of a regular podcast to help market the business.

“Apple featured the podcast on iTunes for 10 weeks straight and the listenership is into the thousands,” Lenko says.

“It is also a great opportunity for us to engage with our clients as we regularly get them to come in and appear on the show.”