Discounts lift customer spending in tough times

Consumers are more inclined to make purchases when they are offered discounts or value deals during tight economic times, a new online survey reveals.

According to the Harris Interactive poll of 2,400 people in the US – where the economy is currently close to or in recession – 63% of people say they won’t make a purchase if a deal isn’t available.

Over 85% of people in the use say they are already using discount coupons to save money, while 37% say they would increase their use of coupons or discount codes during an economic downturn.

As for discretionary purchases, the poll shows more than half of people would cut spending on those items in hard times. And, the survey shows, they are most likely to go online to purchase those non-necessary items – 56% said will make discretionary purchases online, compared to 46% who look in brochures, 24% in malls and 18% on TV.

The poll was commissioned by online discount coupon website, a site founded and run by Melbourne based Stateless Systems.


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