Gen-Ys are over being green

When it comes to the environment, the usual trend of the young being more idealistic does not seem to apply in Australia, a new survey by ad agency Grey has found.

The Grey Eye on Australia survey found Gen-Ys care the least about the environment of any generation. Just less than 20% of Gen-Ys said they don’t care about their carbon footprint, well above the national average of 12%. And only 77% said they were interested in hearing about the green credentials of products or businesses, compared to 93% of the older pre-baby boomer generation (those aged 63 or over).

But overall, the environment rated as one of the most important issues for Australians. Asked to rate the biggest issue facing Australia over the next five years, 53% nominated the environment, just behind maintaining personal finances on 59%.

But it seems people want to see less talk and more action – 32% of Australians say they are sick of hearing about the environment and 36% believe the media exaggerates the effects of global warming.


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