Google filters X-rated content for Korea – and new Google ad tool

When in Korea, do as the Koreans do…. and apparently, as far as Google is concerned, that means preventing people under the age of 18 from viewing saucy content.

According to WebProNews, Google users in Korea are now being asked for verification that they are over the age of 19 when they search for sex-related sites.

The truly big brother part of the process is that to see unfiltered results for affected searches, users must provide their name and the Korean version of a social security number.

If they don’t enter the information, they see a list of results accompanied by a yellow information box and the number 19 circled in red as a kind of warning to browsers.

In other Google news, the online search giant has released, in beta, a new advertising management software tool called Google Ad Manager.

According to the Google Blog, Google Ad Manager is a free, hosted ad and inventory management tool that can help publishers sell, schedule, deliver and measure their directly-sold and ad inventory.

Sound exciting? Well, unless you’re one of the favoured few you’ll have to wait – the Google Ad Manager beta is open to publishers by invitation only.



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