How to give people what they need

Franz Madlener is the founder of widely successful furniture company Villa & Hut, which he founded in 1998. Part of his success can be attributed to identifying the difference between giving customers what they need rather than just what they want.

“People don’t buy what it is or what it does. People buy what it does for them.”

“Along the whole process we always tried to position the business as offering something more than product and price. If you have a look back over our 10 years of advertising per say, we did very, very little paid advertising. It was very much driven by PR and PR opportunities.”

“From even when we had one or two stores we had a PR agency handling that side of the business and we’ve always gone over and chased the opportunities of who we are and what we do and how we differentiate to the competition rather than ‘here’s a specific product for a specific price’.”

Read the full interview with Franz Madlener.


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