How to teach your market about a new product

In the jewellery industry, if something is too cheap to be true then it probably is. Alana Chang, co-founder of jewellery business Moi Moi, felt this was the biggest challenge for the business in its early days.

“People look at an advertisement for the jewel and figure it’s either a diamond that’s very cheap, or a very, very expensive cubic zirconia. And so all of our awareness is now based around education of what moissanite is, which is very, very difficult.”

“Moissanite is the fastest growing type of jewel in the world, but we’ve had to just constantly spend time telling people what it is, why it’s a good buy and so on. So the majority of people who know about us are actively seeking us out, but a lot of the time people will have it explained and they will do their own research.”

“We run workshops every week with a group of about seven to eight people, and I don’t want to be sexist but they are usually women. We supply champagne and canapés for free, and we teach them about the appreciation of fine jewellery, how to identify the quality of a jewel.”

Read the full profile on Moi Moi and co-founder Alana Chang.


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