How to tell your brand’s story

Scott Kilmartin is the founder of green businesses Haul and Riveting, which recycle rubbish into green products.

He shares some tips about telling the “story” of his brand and making it part of the buying experience.

“One of the aspects of Riveting is that they want the story as much as the product and so we’re making little online videos for them to show the entire process.

“This is your billboard up, this is it coming down, this is us cutting it, this is the manufacturing process and here’s the finished product. And for a lot of them they use the story in their in-house newsletters, etc.

“We were fairly slow to really have the “penny drop” moment. A lot of stuff we do is event based, so if you’re a big company and you were sponsoring a conference, instead of getting the same old black satchel bag with the embroidered logo on the bottom of it, if you can make a bag that’s actually out of your own billboards they then sell that with all the conference paraphernalia and the collateral goes out.

“Often some of those conferences still put things on USB sticks. So one of the things we’ve done for a couple of companies now is put the story as one of the last things on the USB sticks.

“We’ve just done a big job for Jetstar, who will obviously talk about that in their in-flight magazine. A lot of them have Gen-Y staff and they want to see that if you’re saying somewhere in one of your mission statements that you want to recycle and be innovative, it’s not just a bunch of cold words that sits behind the reception, it’s actually there.”

Read an interview from Scott Kilmartin from Haul and Riveting.


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