IT employees work hard to keep their jobs

A new survey of IT staff shows more than half are concerned about losing their jobs, but over 33% say they would work longer hours with a 25% pay cut to keep them.

The survey, conducted in New York, London and Amsterdam, shows IT workers will work extraordinary hours to stay on the payroll. About 50% of US workers say they would work an 80 hour week, compared to 37% in Holland and 27% in Britain.

But disturbingly, more than 50% of respondents say they have already taken confidential company data to use as blackmail if their job is threatened – in Holland, this number grows to 78%.

Adam Bosnian, vice president of products, strategy and sales of Cyber-Ark, tells that employers have a right to expect workforce loyalty.

“However this works both ways, and in these dark days everyone is jittery, especially with lay offs at the top of most corporate agendas – the instinct is to look out for number one.

“It would be unthinkable to leave money on a desk, an obvious temptation to anyone passing, instead it is always safely locked away – and it’s time sensitive information is given the same consideration. Our advice is only allow access to sensitive information to those who really need it. Lock it away in a digital vault and encrypt the really sensitive data.”


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