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I just got back from a Google business-coaching program held at Google’s Sydney headquarters and I picked up a couple of really interesting pieces of news there. One of the things, which will make a lot of people happy, is about Google shopping. If you’re a retailer, you’ve got to love them, because you should be seeing a ten-to-one return on normal ads there. For any general item with a serial number, you’ll get at least that much ROI on your ads. We did one the other day that got a 3,000% return on our ad, and that wasn’t totally unusual. The hard thing, though, is getting the details down to get this right.

Sometimes the problem is the content management system itself. Google’s working on fixing this problem and everything they’re planning is about automation and AI. Basically, they’re saying that, in the near future, you’ll be able to build a landing page and point Google at it, and Google will create a display campaign for it based on information extracted from the page.

Another interesting topic we covered was video. Video spending is predicted to be around $42 billion by 2020. Now, we all know that the most clicked link online is ‘skip ad’. Well, there are going to be a whole lot of them that we can’t skip. Also, if you can nail the five-second ad you’re going to avoid all that and hopefully attract a bunch of new brand followers. Used wisely, it makes a huge impact.

There’s been a call to stamp out mass marketing waste, to concentrate more on personalised marketing, and that leads back to most successful retailers concentrating more on brand than on flooding the internet with ads. So get specific, build your five-second ad, consider the three-minute ad like Purple Mattress has, and build your unique brand that way.

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