The 10 best Super Bowl 2013 ads – and some from the blackout

The SuperDome may have been plunged into darkness for yesterday’s Super Bowl, but the advertisements certainly didn’t stop.

In what has become a yearly challenge for the advertising industry, companies including Samsung, Coke, Subway and even an office supplies business showed off their talents during spots at least 30 seconds long during yesterday’s Super Bowl game.

But this year came with a surprise. The ads didn’t even stop when the game was thrown into darkness for 37 minutes at half-time, with some quick-thinking companies utilising social media marketing to make up some clever ads.

In a testament to how some businesses have pulled together crack social media teams, brands like Oreo and Calvin Klein managed to throw out some clever ads related to the blackout within the hour it occurred. They managed to become just as popular as the pre-made ads themselves.

So in a year where everything didn’t go according to plan, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best ads from this year’s Super Bowl – and some of the best ads created after the black out.

1. Chrysler

This tribute to the American farmer was a sure bet, but add radio broadcaster Paul Harvey and Chrysler was guaranteed a win.

{qtube vid:=ZTeNe8lr9B4}

2. Budweiser

The brewer’s choice to debut a new brand during the Super Bowl was a good move.

{qtube vid:=ganYRWpXXew}

3. Oreo

This war of whispers managed to gain some buzz.

{qtube vid:=ufu5sqJh24Q}

4. Best Buy

Celebrity endorsements are a staple at the Super Bowl, but using Amy Poehler was a good move on behalf of a struggling company – and making fun of tech jargon is always good for a laugh.

{qtube vid:=61fXa9hTowY}

5. BlackBerry

The BlackBerry may be struggling, but this ad managed to gain a few laughs.

{qtube vid:=LoGSzpPRKss}

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